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WordPress Development

WordPress Development
We develop and design all our WordPress in the Divi Builder allows Web Design Newcastle to create beautiful and unique layouts visually. The builder gives you the ability to have truly dynamic websites. If you see a website you like, we can make you your own version of that website but in your colours.

More details take a look at WordPress Development page

Copy your website

If you ever wanted to copy your website to move to new hosting provider or new web design company. Our copy website service allows us to make copies or archives of any website. It does not matter whether this website is made with regular HTML files or was built using a CMS like WordPress or Joomla.

Once we have a copy of your website, we can send this to you in a ZIP archive file.

(We offer a money back can guarantee because we can only guarantee 99% of all sites been able to be copied)

copy a website

One Page Websites / Single Page Website

We are now offering single page websites or also know as one page websites. Full mobile friendly, tablet and design top websites, mobile websites with horizontal navigation menu collapses on devices to a single-icon mobile menu, for a flawless mobile experience for all visitors.

All sites are beautiful and very eye catching designs. Websites come with slides, response forms, image gallery, google maps, social icons and video backgrounds.

To develop a one-page website we will need stock photos or your photos and words for the website.

Take a look at our example of one-page website [this opens in new window].

Landing Generation Page Solution also is known as Landing Page

Lead Generation Page
Get you looking for Lead Generation page also known as the landing page for your business, you do not need to be a web designer to use this solution.

The landing page builder comes with:

  • Form Builder, allowing you to build forms without any knowledge of HTML;
  • MailChimp Integration for adding your email marketing newsletters;
  • Over one hundred Website Content Blocks for adding your content too
  • Over 2000 Icons to add to your web pages;
  • Integrated Analytics to know how your lead generation page is performing;
  • Sub Domains, you can have URLs like webdesignnewcastle.co.uk/mobile/my-site 
  • Custom Domains you can use any domain you own, like mydomain.com;
  • We include 100’s of free Images;
  • Included plus free updates.

Pre-Built DIVI Themes

We have some pre-built themes which you can use, all we need is your words, these will save you money on your project. Please get in touch if you are interested.
farmers market divi theme
Farmers Market DIVI Theme, take a look at the theme.
coffee house divi theme
Coffee House DIVI Theme, take a look at the theme.
farmers market divi theme
Restaurant DIVI Theme, take a look at the theme.
travel theme
Travel DIVI Theme, take a look at the theme.
Photography DIVI Theme, take a look at the theme.
Fitness DIVI Theme, take a look at the theme.
Wedding DIVI Theme, take a look at the theme.

100% Mobile Friendly


100% Web Design Newcastle

100% DIVI Experts

We are WordPress experts and all our sites are build on the DIVI elegant theme, you have an idea, we can build it for within the constraints of the DIVI theme.