Web Design Portfolio

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A & P Joiners and Builders Home Page

A & P Joiners and Builders had a basic website and wanted a WordPress site with Instagram integration.

South Yorkshire Pest Control

South York Pest Control wanted a modern web design with SEO. We built the site in the DIVI theme.

GB Roofing

GB Roofing is built in WordPress using the DIVI theme.

Think Jessica Image

Think Jessica is built on WordPress using the DIVI theme.

Zebra Internet Services

Zebra Internet Services is built on WordPress using the DIVI theme.

RightFix Ltd

RightFix Ltd wanted a new website for their new car restoration business in Cramlington.

R&R Life

R&R Life came to us with old WordPress website which needed a new theme; we added Edge theme from Elegant Themes

Domaincheck Website Image

Domaincheck is built on WordPress using the DIVI theme.

Helix Transportation Consultant

Helix Transportation Consultant required a new WordPress website, once again we used DIVI theme

Yorkshire Bike Hire Image

Yorkshire Bike Hire had a WordPress website and wanted a fresh look and few extra web pages.

Geordie Removals

Geordie Removals – We design the website using WordPress DIVI theme, plus design a logo.

Price Comparison Software

Price Comparison Software wanted a new design for their solution.

Nurtured Care Ltd - Home Page

Nurtured Care Ltd had an old website built which was not right for the healthcare sector. We redesigned the website on WordPress and added the DIVI theme.

Podiatry @ the Quay

Podiatry @ the Quay, we developed the website in WordPress using the DIVI theme

Artwork Online

Artwork Online wanted an online art gallery, and that’s what we delivered using the DIVI theme.

Balbeggie Steel Structures

Balbeggie Steel Structures wanted modern updated website which would work on mobile phone

Tom Moore Studio

Tom Moore Studio required an art gallery to display his award winning artwork.

Taurus Utility Consultants

Taurus Utility Consultants, we design an HTML5 website, with beautiful images using the Parallax effect on all the pictures.

Ecommerce Web Design Services

tiska london shop page

TISKA London had an old website and wanted new WordPress and ecommerce website to display their unique fashion brand by Kimberley Stacey.

My Gift Hampers

My Gift Hampers is the same company as Innovative Kitchenware. This website is a dropshipping ecommerce website built in the DIVI theme, also using a Woocommerce plugin.

jane kitching artists

Jane Kitching wanted a new modern updated website which worked on mobile and tablet. We design her new website in WordPress using the DIVI theme. We will be using woocommerce to sell Jane’s greeting cards.

Think Backlinks

Think Backlinks wanted websites with online subscription website.

Olde Worlde Fireplaces Image

Olde Worlde Fireplaces wanted a new website, the project was to design online catalogue with our online checkout.

UK Accessories

UK Accessories wanted to replace very old osCommerce website with WordPress woocommerce website.

Carlton Stoves

Carlton Stoves want an online catalogue, we used WooCommerce and plugin to hide the shop.


Fit-Thotics, design a WordPress website using the DIVI theme, with the Woocommerce plugin

Innovative Kitchenware website

Innovative Kitchenware built in WordPress and Woocommerce ecommerce

One Page Web Designs

ClearVista Media Home Page

ClearVista Media
ClearVista Media came to us looking for a new one page website

Solarin Mobiles Distribution

Solarin Mobiles Distribution Limited wanted a single page website design in HTML5.


Software Heads
Softwareheads want a 1 website for their new software and app development business.

Michael Hardiman & Associates LLP

Michael Hardiman & Associates LLP wanted new modern updated website which worked on mobile and tablet design in HTML5, one page website.

Barry Crake Home Page

Barry Crake Ink wanted a single page website design in HTML5.

Textiles Designers

Textiles Designers wanted none CMS solution which needed to work on a mobile or tablet. Design in HTML5.

Täljsten UK

Täljsten UK, design in WordPress using the DIVI theme.

Directory Web Design

Cooking Directory

Cooking Directory, our customer wanted a directory for the cooking industry.


Motorcars built in WordPress using motor dealer plugin

UK Golf Directory - Home Page

UK Golf Directory – is an online golf directory, build in WordPress using a directory plugin.

Business Links Directory

Business Links Directory is an online directory, build in WordPress using a directory plugin.

Job Board Web Design

Language Jobs Board

Language Jobs Board is a WordPress using a job board plugin, the website was changed recently by the client in January 2017.

Catering Job Board

Catering Jobs Board is a WordPress using a job board plugin

IFA Jobs Board

IFA Jobs Board is a WordPress using a job board plugin

Our Testimonials

I am delighted with Web Design Newcastle, I have had so many companies and people say I have a wonderful clean website.

Sally Foster
Marketing Manager
Innovative Kitchenware

Web Design Newcastle have provided us with invaluable services in the areas of Web Design, and email marketing. Their experts have been working us for the better part of 4 years, and we have been very happy with their skills.

Jill Wilson
Managing Director
Richmond Interiors

Fab VW is a small website which is about our Campervan for Hire for weddings, prom’s & marketing events, based in Manchester, we are really happy with our website.

Robbie Richardson
Managing Director
Fab VW

If you are looking for a directory, we would recommend Web Design Newcastle, we are a holiday cottage directory from the Holiday Cottage Directory. Book direct with the cottage owners, we take no commission

Sally Glass
Marketing Director
Holiday Cottage Directory

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Quite often it is the content that holds up the progress of a new website. Here at Web Design Newcastle, we work closely with you to speed up the content gathering process.

If you have a great idea for a website and need help to develop the software, we are the team to help you.

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