WordPress is very cost-effective way of getting a website with lots of functions. Basically you get a lot more bang for you buck.

Websites made with WordPress are also the ultimate when it comes to being SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. Originally designed as a format for blogs the system is set up to make the most of every page and post to give you the highest possible probability of getting your pages in high search results positions.

Interactivity is also the key.  Once a site is launched its users can upload new articles and posts in minutes along with pictures, videos and audio which is great for interacting with social media. A WordPress site practically encourages you to upload new content.

It’s also easy to use.  By just following a few simple steps you can take control of your website and make it work for you.

Not only that you can change the look and feel of your website by uploading a new theme – imagine changing your image at the press of a button? And your site is already in shape for use on smartphones devices and tablets.

More and more large firms, corporations and organisations are turning to WordPress for its reliability, flexibility and ease of use. They are joining the 72 million around the world who already run on WordPress.

If you can use Word you can use WordPress!