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SEO Newcastle helps business owners who are looking to improve their visibility online. As a company, we mainly use WordPress with Yoast SEO to improve customers search engine optimisation, Yoast SEO the leading WordPress SEO plugin for search engine optimisation

Now that our designers and developers have produced an ‘all singing, all dancing’ website for you, it’s imperative that you’re looked upon favourably in the search engines.

Without a strong presence in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, your website could be sucked into the crypt of the internet. It goes without saying that successful websites are teamed with a healthy dose of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and our WordPress websites are built with that in mind.

We can also offer you advice, guidance and support when it comes to executing a fantastic SEO campaign. From blog writing to backlinks, social bookmarking to social media engagement, we know what works in Google, and what will help your reach your desired ranking.

For more information on our SEO and Social Media Marketing services, please call 0191 600 0441.

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When it comes to the success of your Search Engine Optimisation, PPC campaign or Social Media Management we never just leave things to chance. We use every tool and resource available to make sure your business not only gets found online.

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With technology playing a much larger part in our lives in all ways, have you ever stopped and thought about how much you value your business’ online reputation? Online presence is much more important than it used to be and is key to setting your business apart from others working in your sector. Customers no longer expect to be sold to, either. Instead, they’re looking for a reason to choose your business; having a website can be a great way to showcase why yours is the business for them. This is where SEO and Online Reputation Management comes in. A strong internet presence and a positive online reputation can be achieved by maximising a number of different factors that an SEO campaign will incorporate. By meeting certain criteria established by authorities like Google, you can increase your chances on being seen online. Increased online visibility leads to more opportunities for your business as well as securing your organisation as a significant authority on the web in your specific business sector.

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With 21 years’ experience, the Web Design Newcastle team are primed and ready to get your SEO campaign off the ground. With up to the minute ranking information, top-of-the-line reporting, and exceptional content marketing and technical SEO skill sets, you can rest assured that your digital visibility will be fully taken care of.

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We work with clients of mixed size, budget and experience, and every single campaign is fully bespoke and exclusive to you. All of our data is Moz certified, and we firmly believe in humanising the digital industry.

Whether you want to pop in for a cuppa, Skype us over lunch, or call us daily with your questions and enquiries, we’re here to support you and your business, whatever it takes. Want a quotation for your project? Or perhaps a complimentary diagnostic of your website?

Call SEO Newcastle on 0191 600 0441

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is possibly the most dynamic way of reaching an audience on a vast scale with a minimal budget. The majority of social media platforms are free to sign up, making them a cost-effective way to kick-start your business on the web. Whether your business is very visual led and would benefit from platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, or if your primary focus is to share knowledge and comment about your industry like Twitter, there’s every reason for a business to assess their social strategy regularly.  Investing time in social media is often the biggest ‘cost’ to businesses, but it’s one which can result in a very high return if done correctly.

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